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Dental Implants: Learning about Immadiate Load

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

It is the term used for the installation of implants with immediate function. That is, a crown or prosthesis can be installed on the implant on the same day as the implant installation surgery.

But don't I have to wait for the implant to heal?

In some cases, we can install the prosthesis in the same appointment as the implant installation. For this to be possible, it is necessary for the dentist to evaluate some requirements during implant installation:

- Region where the implant will be installed, only anterior regions. Molars undergo many chewing forces that are excessive to the newly placed implant.

- Bone quality. Some regions have very "soft" bone where the implant can

move if the patient chews or bites with the new implant. The bone must have calcified enough to stabilize the implant during a healing time that varies from 3 to 4 months.

- Bone quantity: The implant must have a minimum size for the technique to be possible. Therefore, there must be minimal bone in the region to stabilize it.

- Stability: This requirement is the last and can only be analyzed during implant installation by measuring the torque of the implant with the patient's bone tissue, which must exceed 35N, giving the implant the necessary stability to withstand masticatory forces during the osseointegration period. and enable its activation with prostheses immediately after its installation.

If all the above requirements are met, the implant will have a great success rate and the patient will be able to enjoy their new tooth right after surgery without removable prostheses or the need to involve neighboring teeth to retain a fixed provisional.

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