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Do you suffer from Halitosis?

On September 22, the National Day to Combat Halitosis is celebrated. According to data from the Brazilian Halitosis Association (ABHA), 57 million Brazilians have chronic halitosis, which appears more frequently among the elderly, but according to studies, young people and children are not immune.

Older people are the most affected because at this stage of life they take drugs such as antidepressants, which decrease saliva production. Dry mouth is one of the main causes of bad breath.

According to the Association, bad breath is not a disease, but a symptom that something is not right in the body. It can be a sign that the person is sick, with diabetes or high blood pressure. There are more than 50 causes of bad breath and about 90% of them originate in the mouth, such as bleeding gums. Only 1% of cases are from the stomach.

Although almost 30% of the population has the problem, most are unaware of its existence.

After a while, the individual gets used to the constant odor, what experts call olfactory fatigue, and does not feel his own bad breath.

Care to avoid bad breath, according to the Brazilian Halitosis Association:

Eat every three hours to stimulate salivation and prevent dry mouth. Citrus foods are a good option;

Brush your teeth, floss and use a tongue scraper after every meal;

Drink at least two liters of water a day;

Chewing gum after meals helps to clean the mouth cavity and salivation. Sugar-free brands are ideal;

Prefer alcohol-free mouthwash, as it dries out the mucosa of the mouth less.

Source: APCD Online

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