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Dental Implants in Digital Age

In almost five decades, since the beginning of modern implantology, a lot has changed and evolved since the installation of the first dental implants.

Implants have evolved both in design, material, surface treatments, etc. The techniques too, which makes it possible to use them in cases that would have been impossible a few years ago.

As an ally to all this, digital planning is of paramount importance.

It is performed through a computed tomography that, associated with a planning software, allows the generation of high-precision 3D images where it is possible for the dentist to improve his perception of the case and determine, before surgery, the implant installation, size, position and best implant model for each situation, its difficulties and limitations in each case.

This allows for greater predictability for the surgical procedure, resulting in faster surgery, with better postoperative care and greater comfort and safety for the patient.

Through this software it is also possible for the dentist to visually inform the patient about the details of the treatment, improving their understanding of what will be performed.


t is possible, in many cases, to carry out with this technique the installation of implants with high precision through computerized guides generated with 3D technology, allowing their installation without the need for cuts or stitches, both for single implants and for full arches for patients wearing dentures ( implant protocols).

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