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Smile Aesthetics

Always following the advances in aesthetic dentistry, it brings to its patients the DSD – Digital Smile Design, in Portuguese, Digital Smile Design.

It is a technique developed by Brazilian dentists that is revolutionizing the way of planning aesthetic treatments in dentistry.

Through photographs and videos taken of patients by the dentist, it is possible to carry out a computer study of the shape, size and position of the anterior teeth in relation to the patient's face.
This technique allows the dentist, through photographs and plaster models made from the patient's molds, to make specific plans in the search for the perfect smile, whether in large prosthetic treatments, implants, orthodontics and aesthetic veneers. It can also simulate on the computer changes in the contour of the gums and showing the points to be improved through surgical, prosthetic, orthodontic or restorative procedures.

It is possible in many cases to carry out a kind of "test" your new smile before performing the treatment through a procedure called "test-drive".
After the approval of the esthetic test, the treatment itself begins, with the preparation and fabrication of the veneers with the Cerec CAD-CAM system, which allows a faithful copy of the planned teeth to be made so that they are identical to the ones that were planned. . Thus reducing adjustments and increasing accuracy and predictability.

As a result, an even faster, more precise and aesthetically excellent treatment is possible.


Dr. Celso Peixoto Soares

Prótese Dental, Implantes Dentários e Estética Dental

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