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Oral Rehabilitation

Oral rehabilitation is the name given to the treatment  multidisciplinary approach that aims to restore oral health, good  operation  gives  chewing and the patient's smile lost by various oral problems accumulated over the years.

She attends to patients who have lost many dental elements or had an accentuated wear of the teeth due to age or occlusal disorders such as bruxism, having compromised aesthetics and masticatory.

Because they are extremely complex treatments, and many times it is necessary to replace several lost teeth with implants, it is  It is necessary for a specialist dentist to carry out a reverse planning, that is: It starts by planning the prostheses and the reestablishment of the patient's ideal occlusion in an individualized way, then the necessary procedures are established to reach the best clinical, functional and aesthetic.  


Dr. Celso Peixoto Soares

Prótese Dental, Implantes Dentários e Estética Dental

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