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Implant protocols (All-On-4 and All-On-6)

Even today, the loss of all teeth can be the reality of many patients, despite advances in therapies and preventive techniques, many still reach this situation. Unlike decades ago, implant dentistry has established itself as an alternative for aesthetic and functional rehabilitation of totally edentulous patients.

In other words, replacing the conventional denture with a complete denture fixed on implants.

Through clinical, laboratory and radiographic examinations, the dentist determines the possibility of treatment with

implants and performs the planning for their execution.

Using 3D technology, it is possible to carry out part or all of this planning through computer software, allowing the dentist to have greater precision in the placement and positioning of implants, providing more security and improving the postoperative period for the patient.

In implant protocols, six (All-On-6) or more implants are usually performed in the case of the upper arch. In the lower arcade, from four (All-On-4) to five.

At the time of its installation, the dentist checks the stability of all implants, which, if confirmed, allows the installation of an immediate load fixed prosthesis, that is, within 24 hours after surgery.

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