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Saude Bucal

Oral Health

Our dentists are mainly dedicated  to the service of  oral health or general practice. Our work philosophy applies to  take care of health  mouth of the whole  family, through curative, restorative and preventive techniques in a  attendance  humanized  custom. 

The importance of health care  at all  family circle is of paramount importance, considering that many oral diseases are infectious, they can pass from one person to another. 

Another importance is the establishment of a preventive calendar. all to  principle, they should carry out preventive consultations with intervals of 6 months, it is the minimum time it takes for the appearance of  caries lesions or tartar formation that can be treated at the beginning in a more conservative way. That is, without these  diseases (caries or periodontal diseases) cause major and irreversible damage.

Oral cancer prevention is also among the concerns.  in biannual preventive consultations as it is among the most frequent types of  cancer registered and if detected early  can bigger  chances of cure.



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