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Digital X-Ray

X-rays have been used in medicine and dentistry for more than 100 years, during this time many evolutions have occurred in X-ray devices, which have become safer and more reliable, but always using conventional radiographic films. Just like photography, it was forced to evolve with digitization. Studio Soares Odontologia uses a new system to capture radiographic images. Micro Imagem's new intra-oral sensor captures images from the X-ray machine, having the same function as radiographic film. Connected to a computer, and its own software, it makes the use of X-rays even safer and more reliable.

What are the advantages?

- Quickness in viewing the image that appears on the screen two seconds after exposure.

- Image quality, which can be enlarged on the screen for greater detail

- Handling and positioning similar to conventional film

- Reduced X-ray exposure by 60% less compared to conventional films, therefore safer for adults, children and the dentist.

- Software allows qualitative image manipulation to aid diagnosis without altering the original image.

-It does not require development by chemical products.

New digital devices are also used by Studio Soares Odontologia through partner clinics to perform radiological exams such as digital panoramic views and CT scans. These are important complementary exams used in the daily routine of our clinic, optimizing the diagnosis, providing greater precision in the planning and execution of the treatment.

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