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Wisdom Teeth: Clear your doubts!

Third molars, also known as “wisdom teeth”, “wisdom teeth”, usually erupt (are born) between 17 and 25 years of age, when the age of majority is completed, that is, they are the last teeth to appear in the mouth. If this does not happen, we must investigate its causes: whether it is present in the mouth or not. If they are present and not born, these teeth are called impacted or included tooth, which is one that cannot be born within the expected time.

There are several causes for wisdom teeth not to be born: position they are in, reduction in the size of dental arches, systemic diseases, early extraction of milk teeth, among others.

When the third molar (wisdom) is completely included (inside the bone), it can produce resorption of the neighboring tooth, painful disorders and even degeneration (cystic lesions).

A partially erupted third molar can cause gingivitis (inflammation of the gums), abscesses, local irritation, pain, edema and even the appearance of dental caries (photo), as cleaning becomes difficult in this region.

Wisdom extraction is indicated in some situations:

When it is poorly positioned. When there is not enough space in the arch. to the accumulation of food and bacteria). When there is orthodontic indication.

To carry out the analysis of these teeth, the ideal and most indicated radiograph is the panoramic one, which is usually performed in dental radiology institutes, but in some cases the dentist may request a computed tomography scan depending on the situation.

In order for the wisdom tooth extraction surgery to have a more peaceful postoperative period and without major discomfort for the patient, it must be performed as soon as possible, preferably when the roots are not yet fully formed, there are adequate medications, diet and hygiene instructions. , which are prescribed by the Dental Surgeon.

Currently, therapeutic laser applications can still be performed. These applications are completely painless and help reduce postoperative symptoms and accelerate healing.

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